A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The idea behind it was a metroidvania with no upgrades. A very experimental game, dabbling in an unusual, yet effective control scheme and a weird design concept. Did it worked? Play the game and find out! You can play with both mouse and keyboard or controller, but I recommend a controller, which is easier to control yet a little harder to get used to, it's where the unusual control scheme is.

It was made as a submission to Github's Game Off 2020. I had a lot of fun creating it, and I hope you have fun playing it too. Thank you very much!

Patch note 1.0.1:

  • Fixed game crashing in the big room with jellyfish spawning from the left.
  • Fixed sound effects coming only from one channel.


From_the_Core_win64.zip 42 MB
From_the_Core_win32.zip 41 MB
From_the_Core_Linux.zip 43 MB
From_the_Core_OSX.zip 43 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the files and run the app.


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collecting the stuff was easy but the actual upward part is hell! :O

I got like to the third screen but I'm about to give up there.
really cool but a tad too hard for me :-)