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rafial good job its a great game has it been updated recently

Hey, thank you! It's been a couple of months since the last patch.

I would love to pick your brains on how you guys ported this on the Switch!

When the game launched on Steam last year, we made a couple of posts on Reddit to market the game, usually Godot, Linux and other FOSS related communities, or maybe some Brazillian communities as well. A guy from Pineapple Works contacted me there asking if we would like the game ported. They handled the porting process completely. As far as I know, you need contract with Nintendo, in which they send you a dev kit and their SDK and you're under NDA to not share it. They basically made their own Godot export template, and maintain a Godot branch as well. You can contact them if you want more information!

Awesome, thanks for getting back to me! :D


Hey! Amazing game, and super happy to see that as an Open Source project! I've just got to know that you will be on Nintendo Switch early this January 2021! Kudos on that!! I have wish-listed your game there ;)

Btw, do you plan to have "Godot Engine" splash screen on the Nintendo Switch version? 

Hey, thank you for your kind words! It means a lot to us! So, about the splash screen, it isn't us, the original creators, who are doing the porting, it's the folks at Pineapple Works that worked on it. Judging by how they approached us wanting to get Godot games on the Switch and that they love the FOSS community, I really doubt they're gonna take it off.

That is really nice, Rafa! Would you mind if I bother you on Twitter DM? I'd like to chat a little bit about how you approach game dev in general and the publishing part as well. I am following you there now, so if you follow me we can communicate :D My handle: @raphaklaus

Btw, you are Brazilian too! :D